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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Limited edition Wii Super Famicom Classic Controller

Japan - it was all just paint controller, is not it? A few days later, listening to an additional white GameCube consoles soon led by the controller, a lucky, lucky club members unboxed Nintendo Additional his limited edition classic Super famicom controller. Yep, this symbol of nostalgia, we have heard, as early as in November last year has finally arrived in the the rising sun. In fact, we do not believe that you - are diehard Nintendo want you to also shamelessly - and has not made it to the Reading link to check out the gallery of guns, but we will not ask you to test your patience any longer time. Now, access!

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What's about Windows XP SP3 release ?

Although we had expected (read: hope) that may be dished out by Microsoft Service Pack 3 of Windows XP last month, it appears that the lease is, in fact may be made by the former may be coming. According to an "internal schedule" far-fetched above neowin, original equipment manufacturers, volume license, the MSDN and TechNet connecting subscribers will be able to access the latest on April 21, and the vast majority of average joes / Jane's will found until April 29, when it visited Microsoft / Windows Update Download Center. For the folks too busy, in some concern, which they XP sp run, they are likely to overlook the automatic update is scheduled to June 10. (Re) mark your calendar, will not?

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Wow, Watch phone rolls on Windows CE 5.0

Ready to answer some honest? We can think of a good handful of watches and clocks, we will buy back, we dropped 629.95 US dollars on a disaster, but for folks with too slim pants and hands are in full swing about a separate phone, we assume that this is a Well then helplessness. Ex-gratia payment - wp98 that he is a four-band GSM phone Now with Windows CE 5.0 installed, and the assumption that tout its SIM card slot, water, a 266 MHz CPU and a 1.45 in. display with a handwriting recognition function (for real?), we notice that on the line, the specification is "subject to change without notice," we touch enough. However, you can look forward to (although you may not get), a 1.3-megapixel camera, wireless network connections, T-type flash memory expansion slot, multimedia players, and built-in Bluetooth. According to a particular e-commerce retailers, it has to be well prepared to ship on April 25 - any person, regardless of means enough to push through a decree, however, remains to be seen.

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It's happened, iPhone gets VoIP and chat options (+ video)

Of course, the phone is cool research, working on a lot of things, and it is really good at math ... But it can not do VoIP, can it? Well, yes, it can - and you can, through a company called Fring and an ingenious piece of software (for jailbreakers only). Using the native application, it is now possible to place and receive calls via your WiFi, which makes CEOs of AT & T cry like little babies. In addition to Skype and others, the application can be used to connect chat via MSN Messenger, ICQ, GTalk, SIP, Twitter, AIM and Yahoo! Who should make it a package attractive, even if you do not want to save Gross power of the IP telephony. You can obtain a free application by the installation of loading up with the company "repos. Check the video after the break to see the magic happen.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Massachussetts company develops inkjet-printed solar panels

Printed solar cell technology continue to have more and more with the reality, with a company called Massuchssetts Konarka Technologies announced today that they are now in a position to the manufacture of solar cells with the ink-jet printing. There is not a ton of information about the process, but Konarka has already shown that she and the details published in a journal called Advanced Materials - sparkling sounds like the play, if you ask us. Konarka describes the process makes solar cells fabbing extremely easy because it does not require a separate room, and cost savings could result in an increase in the number of applications for solar energy. Of course, the economy of the ink-jet printing attracted more than one member of the dark side - we wonder whether Konarka is now finally begin to sell ink cartridges solar energy for more than the printer itself, self?


MacBook Air gilded again !

Really, it's not bad, you can stop us, "Golden / Bling My Thing Air MacBook We know that all 24k gold and has 12000 Swarovski crystals and shit, but we want to be honest, this sort of Hints of freaks us out. we do not know that it is in the offensive, so that only a gag reflex triggered correctly describe. Allegedly just twenty, and that you are with history on prices, and these things out of your league, even if you have to.

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Jobs hid cancer for nine months before seeking treatment

CNN has an extensive profile on El Jobso - similar to what almost appears monthly in these days in the mainstream media publication of your choice - but one of the most interesting is that apparently treats, he sat on his pancreas cancer, the Friggin for nine months before it is an "in 2004. To set things in the right perspective, even if his diagnosis is curable, in time, the cancer of the pancreas is considered one of the most deadly form, and despite the pressure of the very few friends, Family and Partners in knowing Steve apparently trying to heal, even Overall for the three quarters - while the whole world (including Pixar, which he also heads of) has been in the dark. course, he finally in surgery, and if he needs to their recovery; water under the bridge before the time, but the shareholders of Apple are certainly a feeling or two on the job to come when in the vicinity of the edge.


Vista copy protection cracked, totally, for real !!!

They finally realized. Your good friends in the hacking community have apparently found a solution for you Vista - if you want - free activation. According to one report, there is now a cracked, the complete version of Vista floating around which completely bypasses cumbersome and costly activation process. The crack supposedly comes OEM (or users) that have been fed up with this process, and somehow persuaded Microsoft to pull an up-down-up-down maneuver and make the operating system without activating . The software uses the closed system pre-installed 2.0, embeds OEM BIOS files (signed by Microsoft), and passes all of society, Windows Genuine Advantage checks. Of course, it may be possible that people from Redmond users more concerned that the adoption of Vista, they care about their pay. Nah, probably not.

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Samsung intros Spinpoint MP2, reiterates plans for 256GB SSD in 2009

Not quite a year after the range Samsung Point cheerful spin in the world MP1, MP2 came to the just. After Sammy, the 2.5-inch disk can be used as a substitute lappies desktop, workstation and server blades, and it is said for the fast read / write speed of 500 GB M6 has announced at the CES. The hard drive with 7200 rpm in the earth, to $ 299, but an 80-GB version is just for the cash, too. In less capricious news, the company also has its intention to deliver 256GB SSD until 2009, and if you have any more loquacious, Jim Elliott, vice president of storage marketing for Samsung Semiconductor, said that he was "trying SSD capacity doubling every 12 months. " The music in our ears? You bet.


GO 530 GPS navigator for Europe announces by TomTom

TomTom idea was submitted after the GO 930 and 730 at CeBIT? Do you think because the company is also introducing GO 530, which is the successor of the network reported 520th GO In order to reach it and to stay in Europe, and the sound card contents to a large extent depend on the region in which it is purchased PO As with his higher than the number of brothers and sisters, what gus also for himself IQ road and advanced targeting Lane, and it is also a 4.3-inch 480 x 272 resolution, a 400 MHz processor, 1 GB of internal memory, SD slot for expansion cards, built-in Bluetooth and a cell, Li-ion battery is approximately 5 hours. If everything is good for you, which is prepared in the month of April at approximately £ 235 ($ 466).


Bungie to bring justice to Xbox 360 repair mishap

After Nathaniel's nostalgic Xbox 360 was literally as a confirmation of repair, we had a little altered state power is not allowed to ensure that everything is resolved. Fortunately, Bungie bigwigs to point to a solution, which hopes that it is "very close", as a replacement. According to Bungie community director Brian Jarrard, his team is "to adapt in order to help this regrettable situation," and then that over the details, which were collected, we can not fail to suspect that the resolution is all more than satisfactory.


ASUS 11-inch U2E laptop gets reviewed

They already knew those who are lucky enough souls to more PC Perspective had their U2E very clean, but now it is up to the fact gawking Unboxing achievements, as the story of an examination of good faith? Fortunately, ASUS 'ultraportable 11 inches is, in fact, the last to be lappie through the proverbial rhythms, and as planned, they executed, like a box - in the view that wee's size, of course. The machine has no risk of explosion through benchmarking meetings or whatever, but once again, it was never designed to your primary platform game, when the Off-position to a LAN party. All in all, it is very commentators (and we emphasize very) small, to complain, and even went up to speak, "one of the best notebooks to touch ultra-mobile market, never." No. Quite excited about the MacBook Air X300 or Lenovo? Can be used with all the means that are already in this context to read, a little love - are the chances U2E everything is what the doctor has ordered.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Toshiba: "no plans" to adopt Blu-ray

In the Q & A session following Toshiba HD-DVD-dumping case in Japan, Atsutoshi Nishida, President and CEO of Toshiba Corporation has an unpleasant surprise announcement. Although it is still used for the standard DVD, they have "no plan at all at this moment" to take the Blu-ray format. He also said that Tosh has no plans for a next-next-gen format. Maybe they just lick their wounds, to HD downloads reality.

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Official: HD DVD dead and buried, format war is over

It's official. Toshiba has just made a statement saying, "it will no longer develop, produce and commercialize HD DVD players and recorders." Cessation of the actor and recorders are targeted for March 2008. Volume production of HD DVD for PC disk drives and games end in the same period. However, Atsutoshi Nishida, President and CEO of Toshiba Corporation does say that Toshiba, "continue to evaluate the position of laptops with integrated HD DVD." Okay, that's it, the war is over format, Blu-ray won. press release after the break.

Update: In addition to stating "no plan" to go Blu-ray during the Q & A, committed Toshiba HD DVD for the storage of record for those with HD DVD recorders. They will be sold online. As for future versions HD DVD, Mr. Nishida could not say, "it's not our business, we can not predict their business." Oh really? Is the lack of new titles on a platform death really so difficult to predict?


Palm Centro now official on AT&T

Of course, these green buttons are legitimate right - who would have thought? The rumors GSM cut along the Palm Centro is now officially at AT & T in the wake of Sprint expires exclusive, which is a whole new world of customers access to freakishly small (yet strangely adorable) Garnet combined. In contrast to the version Sprint, the Centro GSM EDGE stagnant with the data at a moderately less snappy experience of navigation, if not when, $ 99 to buy your contract is a camera with 1.3 megapixels, microSD slot, Bluetooth 1, 2, support for AT & T's push-to-talk, and a full (good miniaturized) QWERTY keyboard. Then, this tendency of more than white / gray scheme, we have seen?

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Nintendo's DS Lite retrofitted into MacBook Air ad

It is difficult to deny that Apple MacBook Air advertising is quite catchy, and while the DS Lite does not really take off all of the envelope output just as elegantly as the last lappie Cupertino, it is not half bad job representin '. In spoofing awaits you after the jump, you will see a black DS Lite retrofitted in the MBA place, and throughout the text, lighting and overall smoothness is not the original, at least the music is spot-on. Click to see if it yourself.


HP rumored to be prepping UMPC "lifestyle accessory"

The details are more likely to be undertaken lightly, but if Crave, HP has fallen recently in an informal chit word "cat" it is now their first UMPC was apparently started on the market at the end of spring - this year . The most interesting, HP was saying, "They did not even consider this purchase," and said, "you will like to buy a handphone without a thought." In addition, HP has also loudly seems that the "main areas of improvement" would be in the battery, without surprise, but not received, better than this. Still vague, HP then describes the device as an "accessory lifestyle", which is the "professionals, as well as children and adolescents." Needless to say, that it is a little glory for HP to honor, but at least Crave seems convinced that the device is indeed in the works, we hope to be able to see how things are with us even the machine soon enough.

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Concept Alienware Android phone makes our brain, hands hurt

There is a reason, telephones, which are not removed by PC are similar, and we think that this work designing a fabulous show why. So, look, we are quite cool with Dell and Alienware Alienware production of a device of the mark - especially if it turns, Android, a platform Dell has said that it is very, very curious to see - we do not want, This (or something similar). The morphing keyboard and user interface of size, but we have a very simple, if we buy a new phone: in no case the cursor must be physically exhausting peaks dig into your hands during use. Is that too much to ask?

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Friday, February 15, 2008

AKE's BlueCom 102 pocket repeater keeps bikers in sync

"Actually, there is nothing worse than knowing some helpless soul is addressing to you with absolutely no way to contact you in an incoming call from this strange guy from CIS-430. Okay, maybe it's a stretch, but looking LFS said dilemma to be resolved by their pocket BlueCom 102 repeaters. Basically, this device allows two motorcycle helmets, to communicate with each other via Bluetooth, and, of course, all BT-enabled mobile phone can be mixed. Sadly, a prize for the Installation is not yet known, but it seems as if the repeater itself is separately or as a bundle with a pair of LFS Bluetooth helmets in the not-too-distant future.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

HP cancels the iPAQ 610 smartphone in the US ?!

Ah, iPAQ 610. You were so close and yet ... So far. According to a handful of tipsters, after a series of delays, HP decided to cancel the release of its next Windows Mobile smartphone, 610 (also known as the iPAQ 614, 614c and 600). The company did not give a lot of information, even if they do say that, "because of recent legal problems between providers of mobile phone technology, HP has decided not to offer 610 iPAQ Business Navigator to customers like American expected. " It is unclear whether this means that the phone will be absent from shelves worldwide, but it will not appear on these shores soon.

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